Genesis Mint Concept Is A Tasty Two-Seater Electric City Car

It’s billed as an exhilarating city car with a minimalist approach to luxury.

We knew an electric concept from Genesis was coming to New York, but a compact city car isn’t what we were expecting. In fact, the teasers leading up to this reveal seemed more interested in talking about the location – in this case, Hudson Yards – than the vehicle itself. We’ll assume that was an intentional misdirection, because this quirky little car called the Mint Concept is certainly a departure from what we’ve seen previously at Genesis.

In short, this suave two-seater is designed to be easy to maneuver around town while also being exciting to drive. Genesis doesn’t offer details when it comes to power or performance, but we are told the concept offers an estimated range of 200 miles with 350KW fast-charging capability. That should be plenty for shopping trips around town, and even for jaunts in the country where presumably, the car’s fun-to-drive aspect can be explored further.

“As a brand, Genesis embraces progressive design values, and the Mint Concept reinforces this commitment from a previously undiscovered perspective,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, executive vice president and the global head of Genesis. “Mint belongs in the city, and we are proud to introduce our evolution of the ideal city car in New York.”

You can see the Mint Genesis Concept at the 2019 New York Auto Show

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Author: Christopher Smith

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