McLaren Senna by Hennessey

The McLaren Senna is the company’s latest track-ready supercar. A successor to theP1, the Senna dropped the hybrid drivetrain for pure V-8 power and adopted a more aerodynamic design. The Senna is essentially a race car for the road, but it also spawned a track-only GTR version. Come 2019, and Hennessey Performance launched a couple of upgrades for the supercar.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that the Senna can be further tweaked, but the folks over at Hennessey are known for their capability to push just about any car to the limit. If you think that the Senna’s 789-horsepower rating is impressive, you need to know that the British supercar can generate much more than that. Let’s find out more about that in the review below.

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