BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe


The 2020 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is a four-door coupe version of the 2020 8 Series, released in 2019. Just like the 2020 8 Series replaced the 6 Series, the 2020 8 Series Gran Coupe replaces the 6 Series Gran Coupe. This new, modern, sporty, and powerful sedan is a better alternative to the popular Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and the Audi A7.

Often described as BMW’s new flagship model, the 2020 8 Series actually slots below the 7 Series, at least when it comes to size. So instead of a new alternative to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8, the 8 Series aims to make BMW relevant in the luxury four-door coupe niche. Does it have what it takes to compete? Well, it looks good, it’s powerful enough, and has all the cool tech. But it’s a bit expensive. Let’s find out more in the review below.

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