Mercedes-AMG GLB 35

The Mercedes GLB-Class is a poster child for the segment’s booming popularity. It probably didn’t need to exist, and yet, we’re a few months away from its arrival. The market’s growing popularity is also the reason the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 is going to hit the market soon. It’s arriving a bit later than the standard GLB-Class, but the development of the high-performance model has advanced to the point where test mules of the model have been spotted on numerous occasions. The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 isn’t just a more performance-oriented version of the GLB-Class. It’s also Merc’s latest attempt in creating a new market born out of performance versions of its existing compact vehicle lineup. The AMG A 35 and the AMG GLA 45 have already arrived. Now it’s the AMG GLB 35’s turn, and if not later this year, expect the performance-spec crossover to hit the market sometime in 2020. It is coming, and it’s coming to take all of our hard-earned money.

Update 06/12/2019: Now that the Mercedes GLB has finally made its debut, it’s time we turn our attention the AMG GLB35. It was spotted during a second round of testing on the same day the GLB made its debut. Check out our latest spy shots in the Spy Shots section below.

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