Crown Prince Naruhito is Ascending to the Japanese Throne, But His Prized Display Vehicle Won’t Be a Rolls-Royce

Crown Prince Naruhito has transitioned to Emperor Naruhito of Japan as of May 1, 2019, and now that he’s taken the throne it’s time for him to choose a car for his ceremonial parade. Up until now, this has been a Rolls-Royce but, with new leadership comes new desires, and because of this, Rolls-Royce is out and, while you might not believe it, Toyota is in. That’s right; it has been officially confirmed via a press release directly from the Japanese Government that Emperor Naruhito’s new car is, in fact, a Toyota. And, it’s one that we don’t have in the States – it’s a Toyota Century. So what can lead a new Emperor to ditch the luxury that comes with any Rolls-Royce for a Toyota? Well, only the best from Japan’s best automaker – that’s what. It’s not just any Toyota Century that can’t be had in the United States – it’s a one-off Century convertible, and it’s the only one in the world.

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