2109 Chevy Bolt EV Test Drive & Review: Video

It’s the EV that’s painless to switch to.

The Chevy Bolt is not a Tesla Model 3 and here that’s an advantage. Basically, you step into a Bolt EV and you’re right at home. No learning curve here.

Unlike in a Model 3 where there’s a learning curve, the Chevy Bolt is more like a step-in-and-go type of electric car.

The car itself will feel familiar. There’s very little to indicate it’s electric or different and that’s definitely a plus.

Get behind the wheel for a second and you’ll notice the electric drive and its seamless acceleration. Outside of that, the Bolt is just a car. It doesn’t spew EV and that’s fine by us.

Check out the quick video clip above and you’ll see why being not EV-ish is actually a plus.

Video description:

The Chevy Bolt is definitely worth a look if you’re considering switching to an electric vehicle. It’s affordable price and decent range make it an excellent option for a lot of drivers.

I got a chance to test drive one, and here are my thoughts!

My goal this year is to create 50 videos. Each week I’ll be talking about a topic related to electric cars, and I would love to hear what you want to learn about. Leave a comment below!

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Author: Eric Loveday

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