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Job Title:              Brake Test Automotive Technician

Reports to:          Brake Test Project Manager

Job Summary and General Purpose of Position:

The Brake Test Automotive Technician is responsible for the build-up of various brake test vehicles to given specifications and all mechanical maintenance and service work necessary for the Brake Test Fleet. They will facilitate the launch of test vehicles each morning and perform required measurements during testing at the Los Angeles (Van Nuys) based test facility.  They will maintain test vehicles and equipment in a good and safe working order while ensuring vehicle braking systems meet customer expectations under various traffic and climatic conditions.

Essential Functions:

  • Build various brake test vehicles, primarily Preproduction vehicles, to specifications given by the customer. This includes removing and replacing brake and suspension parts, wheel alignments, and performing various measurements ensuring brake rotors, hubs and tires are within given specifications.
  • Tear down brake test vehicles. This includes removing and replacing the test parts and performing various measurements to ensure rotors, hubs and tires are within specifications.
  • Responsible for making Brake Test Component Measurements / Documentation during the Build and Teardown cycles
  • Launch test vehicles each morning, including a basic test that the LINK Data Acquisition System is in proper working order, and all accelerometers and microphone are responding. Supporting the drivers during the cold brake noise evaluation on the ramp. Ensure safety and guide traffic, since this evaluation is performed in opposing driving direction, including reversing the vehicles.
  • Keep up to date with LINK DAS data processing skills, which includes assisting Engineer when needed.
  • Perform maintenance, repair and software updates on primarily Preproduction level test vehicles, which can include removing and replacing major car components.
  • Drive LACT test route if scheduled test driver needs to be relieved, or if there is a shortage of test drivers.
  • Participate in driving during final evaluation of LACT test.
  • Keep track of shop supplies and tools. Look up VW part numbers for parts like oil filters, nuts and bolts as required for each test and forward those numbers to Project Manager.
  • Work in conjunction with L.A. Brake Test Workshop Manager and Engineer for vehicle and work scheduling.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or requested

Key Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to a positive work environment and promote overall team effort.
  • Focus on meeting and exceeding Kett expectations.
  • Responsibilities involve a definite degree of skill, accuracy and cooperation.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of Kett and customer policies and procedures and Kett’s Vision and Values.
  • Ability to complete concise and accurate documentation.
  • Promote safety awareness and assure compliance with all safety practices.
  • Communication skills, verbal and written, are a priority.

Education: High School Diploma or GED required.  Diploma from an automotive trade school or college preferred. Current ASE or other Certifications in various disciplines, preferred.

Skills/Experience: Minimum of 5 years VW/Audi mechanical experience with knowledge of VW/Audi products and repair procedures, preferred. Thorough understanding of overall brake and testing procedures while paying close attention to detail.  Advanced knowledge and experience with LINK Data Acquisition System .  Experience using diagnostic software tools (VAS 6150A, VAS 5051B, DiagRA, CAN Data Loggers or similar). Familiarity with English/Metric conversions. Must possess a thorough knowledge of complex mechanical and/or electrical concepts. Ability to read and comprehend complex engineering drawings. Good verbal and written communication and organizational skills are a priority. Must possess interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with others.

Skills/Experience: Flexibility to perform numerous tasks as required. Ability to apply logical thinking and decision making based on established guidelines and procedures.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift up to 100 pounds. Job requires standing and bending for approximately 6-8 hours on a daily basis. Must be able to travel as required to support customer testing needs. Must be available to work a minimum of 50 hours weekly and remain flexible and available to work overtime and odd hours, including weekends, and holidays. Must be willing to work on other shifts, as required. Ability to pass a drug screen and physical required.

Critical Skills:

  • Safety– Abides by, promotes and acknowledges all safety practices in keeping with high safety standards.
  • Communications– Must provide information and receive feedback in a concise, accurate and detailed manner.
  • Dependability- Display ability to successfully and satisfactorily complete assigned tasks.
  • Cooperation- Exhibit characteristics of an effective team member focused on a common goal, promotes the development of like qualities in others.
  • Initiative and Resourcefulness- Possess initiative to take effective action, anticipate needs and perform in accordance to resources provided.
  • Flexibility- Must be willing and able to expand the scope of responsibilities as dependent upon requirements of the business environment.
  • Commitment- Able to accept assigned tasks with a quality result as an objective.
  • Dedication- Demonstrate the ability to consistently perform all responsibilities with integrity.
  • Role Model- Serve as an example for Kett’s Vision and Values.
  • Result Oriented- Accomplish performance targets established by Kett and the custome

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