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Job Summary and General Purpose of Position:

An Entry Level Driver follows the direction of Lead Driver/Facility Coordinator. Performs various driving services on vehicles per shift according to customer’s specifications. Represents Kett in a professional manner.

Starting pay is $13.25/hr going to $14.25/hr. on July 1st.

Essential Functions:

  • Demonstrate ability to drive all schedules certified on, with complete schedule integrity and does so on a consistent basis
  • Prepare accurate driver reports and other records on a daily basis, document observations in a clear and concise manner
  • Perform related driving/vehicle prep work as assigned. I.e. tire changes, etc.
  • Assist with training of drivers
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by management

Key Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to a positive work environment and promote overall team effort.
  • Focus on meeting and exceeding Kett and customer expectations.
  • Responsibilities involve a definite degree of skill, accuracy and cooperation.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of Kett and customer policies and procedures and Kett’s Vision and Values.
  • Ability to complete concise and accurate documentation.
  • Promote safety awareness and assure compliance with all safety practices.
  • Communication skills, verbal and written, are a priority.

Job Requirements:

Education: High School diploma or GED equivalent required.

Skills and Experience: Must have at 4 years of licensed driving experience and possess a current operators license. Must possess Certified driving record(s) from Alaska and/or other state(s) of residence during the previous 60 month period, with no more than 2 moving violations. Driving record can be no more than 15 days old. Must be able to drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Must be able to work any shift.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Job requires sitting standing, and bending for approximately 6-8 hours on a daily basis. Must pass Department of Transportation physical examination and drug screen

Critical Skills:

  1. Safety– Abides by, promotes and acknowledges all safety practices in keeping with high safety standards.
  2. Communications– Must provide information and receive feedback in a concise, accurate and detailed manner.
  3. Dependability- Display ability to successfully and satisfactorily complete assigned tasks.
  4. Cooperation- Exhibit characteristics of an effective team member focused on a common goal, promotes the development of like qualities in others.
  5. Initiative and Resourcefulness- Possess initiative to take effective action, anticipate needs and perform in accordance to resources provided.
  6. Flexibility- Must be willing and able to expand the scope of responsibilities as dependent upon requirements of the business environment.
  7. Commitment- Able to accept assigned tasks with a quality result as an objective.
  8. Dedication- Demonstrate the ability to consistently perform all responsibilities with integrity.
  9. Role Model- Serve as an example for Kett’s Vision and Values.
  10. Result Oriented- Accomplish performance targets established by Kett and the customer.

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