Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q1 2019

Tesla more than doubled EV sales year-over-year

Tesla production and delivery numbers for the first quarter of 2019 are not as strong as one might expect, but the pace of growth is still very fast. Taking into consideration the specifics of delivery cars to Europe and China and the reduced federal tax credit in the U.S., the numbers are still really positive.

In Q1, Tesla delivered around 63,000 electric cars (up 110% year-over-year), including 50,900 Model 3 (up 522%) and 12,100 Model S/Model X (down 45%).

Let’s compare Q1 2019 with previous quarters (final numbers could vary by up to 0.5%, some numbers are estimated).

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries (quarterly) – through March 2019

Deliveries in the U.S. (29,900) accounted for just 47% of overall volume, as most cars went to Europe and China.

Tesla already sold about 600,000 electric cars and expects to reach 1 million in early 2020.

Deliveries by model:

  • Model 3: 50,900
  • Model S/X: 12,100

Sales of Model S/X significantly decreased (down 45%):

Production numbers

Tesla produced around 77,100 electric cars in Q1 (up 124% year-over-year), including:

  • Model 3: 62,950 (new record compared to 61,394 in Q4 2018)
  • Model S/X: 14,150

A lot of those cars (around 10,600) were in transit to customers, which caused a significant disproportion to delivery numbers.

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Author: Mark Kane

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