Data Suggests Over 15,000 Tesla Model 3 Were Sold In Europe Last Month

15,000+ in Europe, 30,000+ globally?

While we are awaiting aggregated sales data for the European market, registration data from over 10 countries already suggest sales of over 15,000 Tesla Model 3 in March.

It’s an all-time monthly record for any plug-in model, as well as one of the best results regardless of powertrain. You don’t typically see such high sales numbers in Europe for cars imported from the U.S.

Tesla Model 3 registrations in March 2019:

If we add the estimated 10,175 Model 3 sold in the U.S., estimated 2,000+ sales in Canada and an unknown number in China, Tesla should be well above 30,000! Sounds like a new global monthly record for a any plug-in model.

Hat Tip To Maciej!


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Author: Mark Kane

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