Volvo’s All-Electric Polestar 2: Everything We Know So Far: Video

We’ve got all you need to know about the upcoming Polestar 2 in the form of a concise, well-laid-out video presentation.

If it’s not abundantly clear to you yet, we can safely reveal that Sean Mitchell ( is investing more of his time into covering all EVs. Perhaps the updated channel name gave it away? Sure, but we’re talking about his continuing “Everything You Need To Know” series. Now, Mitchell adds the upcoming Polestar 2 to his growing list of video shares.

Not long ago, Volvo officially unveiled its Polestar 2. It happens to be the repurposed brand’s first battery-electric offering. The upcoming entrant is unlike many other vehicles that the media calls “Tesla killers.” This is because Polestar has specifically admitted that it intends for this car to compete with the Tesla Model 3. Just taking a look at its size, range, and specs further substantiates that claim.

Mitchell does a solid job of presenting all the information in video form. The best part is, he doesn’t ramble on and on, to take up a ton of your precious time. In addition, as usual, he offers a written description as well.

Give it a watch and a read-through, after which we encourage you to share your opinions and insight with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell ( on YouTube:

All Electric Polestar 2: Everything you need to know

On February 27, 2019 Polestar revealed their first all electric vehicle. I intended to publish this video that week of their announcement but then Tesla announced a slew of huge announcements, with one of them being the long anticipated $35,000 Model 3.

Let’s take a look at the long anticipated Polestar 2 to see exactly what Volvo has cooked up for their very first EV.

Performance specs:

78 kWh battery

500 km (WLTP) or around 250-275 mi EPA

Pouch style cells that make up 324 cells, 27 modules with cooling plates

300 kW AWD dual motor, 408 horsies, and 487 lb ft of torque


Bluetooth phone key

Wireless phone charging

Up to 150 kW charging rates

Android Auto on 12.3 driver display and 11.5 infotainment display which include apps like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Play app store

Over the air updates

No dealerships

Retail experience – 60 stores open by 2020

Monthly subscription option which will cover insurance and any service needs

Price and delivery:

Starting price of $45,000 (39,900 EUR) but will be delayed to prioritize the higher priced variants.

$63,000 (55,562 EUR) launch edition will include an AWD 300kW, pano glass roof, weave tech seats, Harmon Kardon sound

Production begins in February of 2020 for China, Canada, United States (beginning in California and Washington state), Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Here’s what I like about the car:

I like that they’re leveraging Google software to power the in-car experience, including charging locations and charge rates now built directly into Google Maps. This should bode well for them and provide a seamless software experience for the owner.

The online sales model should also fair well for Polestar as they will completely circumvent the traditional dealership experience and keep overhead cost low.

The subscription model, I expect, will be a common way for people to utilize a vehicle – especially a vehicle that includes technology that changes every 6-12 months.

Though not my personal design preference, the interior and exterior design of the vehicle should appeal well to many people as it carries over many Volvo-esque elements like the Thor hammer lights, rear taillights, and overall minimalist approach.

Here’s what I expect to be a challenge for Polestar:

The performance specs are pretty good until you compare it to their self-admitted competition, the Model 3.

Polestar 2 78 kWh pack gets you 275 miles, 0-60 in 4.7 sec, charge rate of 150 kW, with third party charging network

Model 3 Long Range AWD 75 kWh pack gets you 310 miles, 0-60 in 4.5 sec, charge rate of 250 kW, with proprietary charging network.

In summary, the Polestar 2 is truly an impressive car in many ways. I think it will appeal to a broad audience, the design is very approachable, and the implementation of Google software into the in-car experience will be a huge appeal. That being said, I am holding my breathe to see how consumers react to the subpar performance specs when comparing it to their competitor, the Model 3.

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Author: Steven Loveday

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