World’s Biggest Car Sharing With BMW i3 Launches In Poland

500 BMW i3 are available

Innogy, the German energy company formerly known as RWE, earlier this month launched in Warsaw, Poland the world’s biggest car-sharing with BMW i3 electric cars.

The fleet consists of 500 i3 and i3S, but not the latest 120 Ah battery version.

Cars can be rented for 1.19 PLN (€0.28/$0.31) or 1.49 PLN (€0.35/$0.39) per minute respectively. Cost for the 24 hours is 239 PLN (€56/$63) or 299 PLN (€70/$79) in case of i3S.

The new project was possible thanks to an investment in the 30 fast chargers (50 kW) in the city, which should be enough to keep the cars ready to go.

Another important thing is access to bus lanes, which significantly shortens driving through the city.

BMW i3 - Innogy GO!

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BMW i3 - Innogy GO!
BMW i3 - Innogy GO!
BMW i3 - Innogy GO!
BMW i3 - Innogy GO!
BMW i3 - Innogy GO!

Website: Innogy GO!

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Author: Mark Kane

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