Matt Farah Drives an S55-Powered E30 BMW M3 and We’re Jealous

The first-generation BMW M3 E30 is arguably one of the most sought-after BMWs in the world today. But even its collectible status hasn’t stopped tuners from engaging in a little aftermarket debauchery. The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah recently took the wheel of one such project. It’s an M3 E30, but underneath that hood lies a twin-turbo S55 straight-six engine that’s normally found under the new M3. This isn’t A BMW M3 E30 with less than 300 horsepower on tap, folks. This particular M3 E30 packs as much as 550 horsepower, which is almost three times as powerful as the E30’s stock S14 engine. It also comes with a fully restored interior, aftermarket AP racing brakes, a six-speed manual transmission, and a set of three-way adjustable remote reservoir coilovers. But, yeah, let’s talk about that twin-turbocharged S55 engine underneath the hood. That’s attention-grabbing in its own right, and as you can imagine, Farah wastes little time professing his undying love for the tuned M3 E30. Chances are, we’d feel the same way if we had a go at it, too.

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