Watch Tesla Model 3 Destroy Subaru WRX STI In Drag Race

The Model 3 is following in the footsteps of its big brother.

We’re accustomed to the Tesla Model S P100D beating basically every single car it lines up against. However, the Model 3 is not quite the speed machine that the Model S is known to be.

Regardless, the Tesla Model 3 has put out its fair share of beatdowns too and this latest one sees the Subaru WRX STI as no match for the Model 3.

Flip forward to the 6:58 mark in the video to catch the race featuring the Tesla and the Subaru. Interestingly, the AWD Subaru just can’t seem to get off the line (maybe a missed shift?) like the Model 3 can. Chalk that up to instant electric torque versus that laggy gas engine and the Model 3’s single-speed transmission. Even the Subies turbo isn’t enough to propel it past the Model 3. For the Model 3, it’s just mash the pedal and off you go.

Video description:

Fast Lane Friday Miami Homestead Speedway 01/11/2019 Drag Racing 30+ races with times

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Author: Eric Loveday

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