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The I-PACE is cool, but it has a few weak points too.

The Jaguar I-PACE enters the U.S. market and one of the first places to go for in-depth reviews and advice is usually Alex on Autos.

Alex stresses that the first European all-electric competitor to Teslas is not really a direct Tesla competitor (of S/X/3 Model), but more likely other premium/luxury models (ICE) in its price range.

“Up till now the only non-Tesla EVs have been econo-boxes or EV conversions. We’ve had plug-in hybrids that have been advertised as competition, we’ve had an inexpensive hatchback (Bolt), and a short-range sedan (Clarity). But the one thing we haven’t had was a long-range luxury entry that was designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle. Until now. The Jaguar I-Pace is the first of an Electric onslaught from the EU, but it does come across as needing a little more time in the oven…”

The I-PACE is quick and has superb handling, especially for its weight. Brakes are good, but ride quality and cabin noise are not the pros, while the energy consumption (2.9 kWh/mile or 1.8 kWh/km) is worse than in other BEVs. The weaker points are also the on-board charger (just 7 kW), sometimes laggy touchscreen and limited rear visibility. The quality and customization options get high marks.

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