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​     Here you will find a list of companies that provide Automotive Test Drivers for most Automotive Manufacturers. Click

on the more info. to look for job openings for that company. If you can't find a test driving job or one near you.You may want to email

​that company. Many times the company's website is not up to date. Go to the Driving Jobs or the Mechanic Jobs page to find a job near you until a test driving job becomes available. Check daily for new job openings. Remember to tell them you were referred by

Automotive Testing and Development Services:

    ATDS is a proven team player currently supporting many of the world's largest vehicles manufactures. They provide vehicle

testing, engineering, vehicle development and certification services.They provide contract labor and technical staffing services

throughout the United States. Founded in 1989 after the purchase of the business assets from Olsen Engineering INC.

 ATDS has been in the automotive business successfully for nearly 25 years. Current ATDS management was in place

at Olsen since 1978.

    ATDS provides qualified contract personnel to automotive proving grounds, technical centers and and testing laboratories

​throughout the United States. Their background as an emissions and automotive durability testing services firm gives them

​insights into the staffing business that few competitors can match. ATDS frequently needs qualified and motivated Automotive

​Test Drivers. Click here for more information.

 Kett Engineering:

 Kett Engineering provides on-site staffing for durability test driver projects at your R and D facilities. They provide all resources

necessary to perform as a stand-alone operation or simply supply the man power and associated support on an as needed

basis. Kett leads the way in mileage accumulation for audit vehicles. Kett's experienced team cam provide existing durability

routes for your use or design routes specific to your needs. They have experience in test programs involving alternative fuel

vehicles including hybrid, compressed natural gas and electric. Their ability to quickly complete high mileage tests in veried

climates and conditions is key to their success. Kett continually searches for qualified, knowledgeable and reliable personnel

​to fulfill customer requisitions. Kett invites potential candidates to submit a resume or application. If you are interested in 

becoming a automotive test drivers CDL and NON-CDL. Click here for more information.

Technical Professional Group:

  TPG provides on-site staffing for durability test driver projects at your R and D facilities. They provide all the resources

necessary to perform as a stand-alone operation or simply supply the man power and associated support on an as-needed

basis. If your interested in becoming a motorcycle test rider or a automotive test driver CDL and NON-CDL Click here for more information.

​  Nevada Automotive Test Center INC. :

   The Nevada Automotive Test Center is an independent test and evaluation, research and development facility located east 

of Carson City Nevada. The NATC facility is situated in a rural portion of northern Nevada, But it has access to all major

transport systems and 1 hour away from Lake Tahoe. NATC utilizes land and water areas totaling approximately one million 

miles. Although primarily dedicated to ground vehicles systems. NATC conducts vehicle component evaluations, certifications

​weapons systems and ammunition tests. Since its founding in 1957, NATC has continuously served commercial, federal and

defense organizations in both international arenas . Throughout the years NATC has contributed to the development of wheeled and tracked vehicle system. NATC has logged more than 40 million vehicle test miles and evaluated more than 1000 different

vehicle systems from passenger car to class 8 trucks to earth moving and agricultural equipment along with some 300

trailer systems. They have locations across the United States and frequently needs qualified automotive test drivers.

Click here for more information.

 Transportation Research Center INC. :

  Transportation Research Center is an independent automotive testing proving ground located on approximately 4500

acres of land in East Liberty Ohio approximately 40 miles nirthwestof Columbus. TRC INC. conducts programs designed

to test for safety, energy, fuel economy, emissions, durability testing, noise, crash simulation and performance. They test trucks,

buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, passenger car and components.

 TRC INC. is a 24 hour-a-day 7 day-a-week operation for fast, safe accumulation of test miles and is continually searching

for automotive test drivers CDL and NON-CDL. Click here for more information.

 Real World Testing:

  Real World Testing conducts in-vehicle testing. Real World vehicle testing utilizes public access right of ways for on-road

testing. This approach to automotive testing emulates customer usage thus reflecting a realistic measure of product

performance. Test plans for durability testing and developed in consultation with customer. Vehicle test parameters

including loading, road conditions, speed, weather and test duration are determined for the testing. They provide

information for the customer with on-board logs the driver records fuel used, miles driven, fuel economy, incidences,

weather conditions, fuel type and where purchased. Real World Testing management personnel have over 50 years experience

which includes automotive testing, analysis and overall support of new product development and introduction. Real World

Testing is continually searching for automotive test drivers. Click here for more information


  For over 25 years, Roush has been an industry leader in providing advanced engineering and vehicle development services

are a critical elements of their ability to provide their customers with complete start to finish services. With over 18 development

test sites, Roush Automotive Testing and Development services support a full range of automotive testing.

  Roush's on road vehicle testing group has state of the art test sites staffed by ASE certified technicians and strategically

located in areas with extreme heat, humidity, cold and altitude. Automotive test drivers perform repeatable drive cycles,

maximize the number of miles driven in a limited time period and utilize on-board data collection systems to assess the

vehicle in areas including durability, fuel economy, trailer towing and emission certification. Click here for more information.

Reliance One:

Reliance One provides on-site staffing for durability test drivers. Click here for more information.

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