The 2020 Ferrari Hybrid Hypercar Debuts May 29 – Here Are the Most Important Models That Came Before it

Ferrari recently confirmed that it will unveil a brand-new supercar on May 31. But it won’t be any the average supercar or grand tourer (if we can call a Ferrari average, that is). Ferrari will reveal its next range-topping hypercar, the successor to the mighty LaFerrari. Details are still slim, and the teaser doesn’t provide any solid hints, but we do know that this new hypercar will be a hybrid with around 1,000 horsepower at its disposal.

This is big news given that some rumors claimed Ferrari was working on an all-electric hypercar. It seems that Maranello isn’t willing to give up on gasoline power just yet, so it will combine a traditional powerplant with at least one electric motor. Whether the gas engine is a V-12 or a V-8 remains a mystery, but it’s pretty evident that it will pack more power than the LaFerrari. Actually, it will be more potent than any other Ferrari supercar up until now, so let’s have a look at the company’s long list of range-topping supercars.

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