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   Here you will find out how to become a automotive test driver. I will also show you where to apply and the basic requirements to be a automotive test driver.Test driving jobs are not available in every state use the search feature to find out, if not you can search for driving jobs near you. The internet is full of misinformation about automotive test drivers. First off most automotive test drivers are durability test drivers and that's where you will begin. As a durability test driver you will drive prototype, pre-production in all phases  and test mule vehicles. For the most part you will not be driving the real nice cars you see in magazine reviews. The vehicles you see reviewed in magazines go through special tests before being released for review. You may be ask to prepare these vehicles for review. For instance most review vehicles do an engine break-in , Brake burnish and testing on the dynamics pad to ensure the vehicles being reviewed are at their best.

  * Durability test drivers perform drive cycles on a test track, on the chassis dyno,  charging the vehicles and cycling parts ( doors, windows, seats, switches and etc.).

 * Document test event information throughout vehicle testing.

 * Evaluate vehicle performance and quality while performing test cycles and communicate observations to test technicians and engineers.

 * Assist technicians and engineers to duplicate vehicle behaviors observed  during vehicle testing.

 * Perform basic pre-drive vehicle safety check (fluids, tire pressure, and vehicle conditions, etc.).

 * Ability to follow written and oral instructions when performing vehicle test cycles while evaluating vehicle performance and quality.

 * Attention to detail with the ability to communicate findings both verbally and in writing.

 * Must be able to drive and sit for long periods of time.
 * Provide opinions regarding vehicle function, comfort and performance.

  Testing you will be required to do.

 * Dynamometer Testing 

 * Powertrain Development

 * Emission Testing

 * Brake Testing and Analysis

 * High Speed Test Cycles

 * Stop and Go Traffic Simulation Cycles

 * Mileage Accumulation Test Cycles

 * Corrosion Testing

 * Dynamics Testing

 * Accessory Testing and cycling( you may have to open the doors, windows, hood, trunk, door locks 100 + per shift)

 * Most vehicles will have a on-board data loggers, they will record everything you do and everything the vehicle is doing.

 * Changing vehicle ballast ( Body weight simulators).

 * Changing tires if you have a blow out.

 * Vehicle Jack Test (using oem vehicle jack to lift vehicle in light vehicle weight and gross vehicle weight)

 * Most vehicles will have a kill switch just in case vehicle the has a problem

 * Must be able to drive a manual transmission 



* Driver must have 4 years of verifiable driving experience

* No more than 2 moving violations during the last 3 years on MVD record

* Pass D.O.T. physical and drug test

* Pass pre-employment written and driving tests

* Manual transmission shifting experience

* High School Diploma or GED
* Sign a non-disclosure agreement

* You will be put through some evasive driving maneuvers ( straight-line emergency braking , braking-in-turns, serpentine, skidpad and off-road recoveries)

**** Some requirements will vary depending company ****


* Learn how to drive a manual transmission, you will be tested.

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